Suitability of the Propulsion Jet Reactor for a Reaction Kinetics Examination of Heterogeneous Gas-Catalytic Normal-Pressure Reactions


  • Presented at the internal working session of DECHEMA and GVC, March 5–7, 2002 in Magdeburg, and presented at GVC/DECHEMA Annual Meeting, July 11–13, 2002 in Wiesbaden/Germany.


Propulsion jet reactors may be used as differential recycle loop reactors in heterogeneous gas catalysis for reaction kinetics analysis. This reactor features straightforward design resulting in comparatively low manufacturing costs. Because of its advantages, the propulsion jet reactor is suited to kinetic examination under extreme reaction conditions with regard to pressure, temperature, or corrosion. The typical features here are the lower gas densities, which decrease further with increasing reaction temperatures, thus reducing the kinetic energy input through the propulsion jet.