Integration of Ultrafiltration Unit Operations in Biotechnology Process Design



A stepwise process design approach is proposed to model membrane unit operations generally in combination with experimental model parameter determination in laboratory scale, in order to predict the purification performance a priori by simulations for multicomponent mixtures. The development of a rigorous model for an ultrafiltration membrane is described. In conceptual process design, the degree of comprehension of all unit operations integrated have to be almost identical to be able of any consistent process proposal taking equipment-related fluid-dynamical and kinetic nonidealities besides thermodynamical feasibility into account. Therefore, a process model, combining the most limiting factors within one mathematical model, is established and various filtrations are carried out with a binary solution for validation. Additionally, a standard laboratory equipment is instituted for logging time-dependent concentration profiles. The practicability of the proposed procedure is proven in order to design and integrate ultrafiltration membranes into total purification processes.