Cover Chem. Eng. Technol. 1/2012


Microscopy Methods used to Elucidate Protein Adsorption and Transport Behavior on Novel Chromatographic Media

Top left: polarization anisotropy map for fluorescently labeled lysozyme in solution and adsorbed on SP Sepharose XL particles. Top right (courtesy of Dr. Harun Koku): SEM of Sepharose FF (left half) and Sepharose XL (right half), both with protein adsorbed. Bottom right: photobleaching of fluorescently labeled lysozyme adsorbed on SP Sepharose FF. Bottom left: confocal microscopy of simultaneous loading of fluorescently labeled lysozyme (green) and lactoferrin (red) on SP Sepharose FF.

DOI: 10.1002/ceat.201100304

B. D. Bowes, S. J. Traylor, S. M. Timmick, K. J. Czymmek, A. M. Lenhoff*

Insights into Protein Sorption and Desorption on Dextran-Modified Ion-Exchange Media

Chem. Ing. Technol.2012, 35 (1), 91–101