A new method for the prediction of liquid pulsed sieve-tray extractors


  • Lecture at the Annual Meeting of Chemical Engineers, September 19th to 21st 1984 in Munich.


As a part of a research project on the mass transfer in liquid pulsed sieve-tray extraction columns (PSE), the diameters and hold-ups of the drops were measured: the drop size using a suction technique, with photoelectric detection, which was adapted to the special boundary conditions of the PSE; the integral hold-up by the pressure difference between the lower and upper parts of the column. Since experimental results cannot be described by known calculation formulae for the Sauter mean diameter and the hold-up, a new method of calculation was developed. It is phenomenologically based on high-speed photographs of the drop motion on a sieve tray. The mathematical-physical model allows the prediction of drop size and hold-up within certain limits, while the possible different operating regimes of the PSE, i.e. the mixer-settler and dispersion regimes can also be estimated.