Modelling of adsorption in cyclic operation of a PSA plant for H2 recovery


  • Lecture by H. Brüggendick at the “Jahrestreffen der Verfahrensingenieure”, 17. to 19. September 1986 in Strasbourg.


A pressure swing adsorption process for hydrogen recovery from coke oven gases comprises the steps of adsorption at pressures above 6 bar, cocurrent and countercurrent depressurization, purging with hydrogen at ambient pressure and repressurization. The process was investigated in the cyclic mode, on a laboratory scale, using an adsorber filled with 1.3 litres of carbon molecular sieve. Based on the test results of concentrations and pressures within the adsorber during complete cycles, a pseudo-homogeneous model was developed for the adsorption step. Adsorption equilibrium parameters were determined by separate measurements, while the transport parameters were evaluated by fitting the experiments of the fixed bed adsorber. It was possible to consider the residual load, resulting from an incomplete regeneration, by the assumption of a load distribution in the inlet region of the adsorber.