Conversion of methanol to light olefins over zeolite H-T



The conversion of methanol over zeolite H-T was investigated in a fixed bed reactor. H-T was prepared from Na-T by ion exchange with HCl and NH4Cl solutions. The HCl solution caused appreciable dealumination. High yields of ethene were obtained with NH4Cl exchangeed zeolites Na-T with 45% decationization, high proprne yields with low HCl or NH4Cl Exchanged catalysts. Low methanol partial pressures and short residence times favoured the formation of lower olefins. Lowest coking rates were observed at a reaction temperature of 693 K. The catalytic activity decrased slowly with the number of reaction/regeneration cycles. The distribution of procucts > C2 could be described by the most probable distribution of Schulz and Flory.