Determination of flooding gas velocity and liquid hold-up at flooding in packed columns for gas/liquid systems


  • Presented in part at the “GVC-Jahrenstreffen der Verfahrens-Ingenieure”, Strasbourg (France), September 17 to 19, 1986.


A new model of suspended bed of droplets for describing the vaour or gas the vapour or gas velocity at the flooding point in packed of columns for rectification and absorption under vacuum and normal pressure is presented metallic, ceramic and plastic packings with diameters of 8–90 mm as well on sheet metal and gauze packings, in a wide range of liquid and vapour loads. Approximately 650 literature measurements and own data were evaluated. The mean relative error in determining the gas velocity at flooding point is less than ±5%. On the basis of the double layer model, a new equation was derived for the hold-up at flooding point, which is needed for the calculation of the flooding gas velocity. An example of calculations for sample applications is also included.