Optimal corrections for digitization and quantification effects in angle measure technique (AMT) texture analysis



The effects of digitization and quantification in one- and two-dimensional signals on angle measure technique (AMT) texture analysis are described in order to find optimal corrections. AMT analysis with varying parameters has been carried out on simulated and real images as well on time-series data. All images and signals are of high resolution in order to study these effects with particularly attention to the low(est), local scales. Quantification effects are studied by multiplying original images or signals by varying scale factor values, K with posterior round-up, while digitization effects were realized by applying various resampling schemes for images and signals using bilinear interpolation. Results lead to general conclusions regarding possible operational regimes for correction of these adverse effects as a function of optimal scale- and sampling-factors during AMT pre-processing. Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.