eAMTexplorer: a software package for texture and signal characterization using Angle Measure Technique



Texture characterization plays an important role in image analysis as do signal complexity characterization for one-dimensional arrays (time series a.o.). One of the most effective approaches for this task is Angle Measure Technique (AMT) which simultaneously describes the complexity of images or signals at all scales. This approach is not widespread yet, first of all because of the absence of universal software with a user-friendly interface, which implements the general AMT algorithm together with the many necessary pre- and post-processing techniques. In this paper, we propose a comprehensive software package for analysis of textures and one-dimensional signals with the AMT – The eAMTexplorer is an implementation of the two optimal algorithms as well as other application options suggested during the 10 years history of the AMT. eAMTexplorer is designed to be a user friendly, graphically oriented visual data analysis facility, implemented in Delphi 2006 and Borland C++. We here describe the specific implementation concepts and give a short introduction to the potentials of systematic use of this new software. Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.