• proteomics;
  • spectrometry;
  • protein–protein interactions;
  • standards


The Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) aims to define community standards for data representation in proteomics and to facilitate data comparison, exchange and verification. Rapid progress has been made in the development of common standards for data exchange in the fields of both mass spectrometry and protein–protein interactions since the first PSI meeting 1. Both hardware and software manufacturers have agreed to work to ensure that a proteomics-specific extension is created for the emerging ASTM mass spectrometry standard and the data model for a proteomics experiment has advanced significantly. The Protein–Protein Interactions (PPI) group expects to publish the Level 1 PSI data exchange format for protein–protein interactions by early summer this year, and discussion as to the additional content of Level 2 has been initiated. Copyright © 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.