Hypnosis in complex trauma and breast cancer pain: a single case study



This case study addresses the effect of hypnosis on a range of problems associated with complex trauma (i.e. spouse abuse). It begins by exploring the specific symptoms that were generated in complex trauma and identifying that hypnosis is an appropriate treatment for these problems. A four-phase framework of treatment, taking into consideration the specific features of complex trauma which are distinct from single-episode or non-interpersonal trauma, was adopted. Breast cancer pain, another source of distress to the client, was also discussed. The therapeutic outcomes are described with reference to data collected from pre-, during and post-treatment, as well as from verbal feedback regarding Ms S's feelings about the therapy. The results indicate that hypnosis incorporated in the four-phase treatment framework could effectively eliminate the symptoms of complex trauma. Copyright © 2007 British Society of Experimental & Clinical Hypnosis. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.