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Towards Ordered Architectures: Self-Assembly and Stepwise Procedures to the Hexameric Metallomacrocycles [Arylbis(terpyridinyl)6FeII6−n-RuIIn] (n=0,2,3,5)



Hexameric metallomacrocycles are a new class of ordered rigid-macromolecules which possess unique structural, electronic, and physical characteristics. Directed- and self-assembly methods for the construction of these stable bis(terpyridine)-based materials are investigated by using both FeII and RuII as the coordinating metals. These heterometallomacrocycles and their homocounterparts are structurally compared, and their attendant electrochemical properties are analyzed and evaluated. These studies demonstrate the potential to create stable, nanoscale, doughnut-shaped, molecular assemblies with envisioned ramifications for energy storage and release, as well as nanoscale molecular electronic and magnetic devices.

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