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Stannylated Polynorbornenes as New Reagents for a Clean Stille Reaction



New functionalized polynorbornenes have been obtained in good yields by vinylic copolymerization of norbornene with a (norbornenyl)SnBu2Cl monomer, catalyzed by [Ni(C6F5)2(SbPh3)2]. Subsequent functionalization produces a wide variety of polymers with different [BOND]SnBu2R groups (R=aryl, vinyl, alkynyl). The polymers can be used as R-transfer reagents in Stille couplings, thereby providing easy workup and separation of the polymeric tin byproducts from the coupling products. Tin contents of around 0.05 wt % are found in the Stille products. The stannylated polymers can be recycled and reused with good efficiency.