Reversible Uptake of COS, CS2, and SO2: Ionic Liquids with O-Alkylxanthate, O-Alkylthiocarbonyl, and O-Alkylsulfite Anions



CO2-binding organic liquids (CO2BOLs) are mixtures of a base (typically an amidine or guanidine) and an alcohol, and have been shown to reversibly capture and release CO2 with low reaction energies and high gravimetric CO2 capacity. We now report the ability of such liquid blends to chemically bind and release other acid gases such as CS2, COS, and SO2 analogously to CO2. These systems bind with sulfur-containing acid gases to form colored ionic liquids with new O-alkylxanthate, O-alkylthiocarbonyl, and O-alkylsulfite anions. The capture and thermal stripping of each acid gas from these systems and their applicability towards flue gas desulfurization is discussed.