Cover Picture: Supramolecular Tandem Enzyme Assays for Multiparameter Sensor Arrays and Enantiomeric Excess Determination of Amino Acids (Chem. Eur. J. 20/2008)



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A supramolecular tandem assay method has been applied to the determination of D-lysine enantiomeric excesses of up to 99.98 %. In their Full Paper on page 6069 ff., Nau et al. use the cucurbit[7]uril macrocycle to complex a dye and by monitoring the fluorescence change accompanying the enzymatic decarboxylation of the amino acid determine D-lysine enantiomeric excesses. This method has allowed the measurement of nanomolar analyte amounts in microtiter plates and enables potential applications in high-throughput screening and drug discovery.