• asymmetric synthesis;
  • chirality;
  • circular dichroism;
  • photochromism;
  • stereoselectivity


Thiophenophan-1-enes with chiral polyether bridges were prepared and their diastereospecific photochromic reactions were studied. The coupling reaction of substituted dithienylethenes and various chiral synthons afforded thiophenophan-1-enes, namely, bridged dithienylethenes, as single enantiomers without optical resolution, thus indicating that these reactions occurred diastereoselectively. Upon UV irradiation, each optically active thiophenophan-1-ene isomerized to the corresponding enantiomer of the closed form and returned to the initial enantiomer of the open form upon visible irradiation. Because thiophenophan-1-enes never isomerized to other diastereomers even at a high temperature, they underwent diastereospecific photochromic reactions. Large changes were observed in the measurement of the optical rotations of the solutions of thiophenophan-1-enes at 588 nm according to their photochromic reactions. As there was no absorption at this wavelength for both isomers of each thiophenophan-1-enes, the nondestructive readout of the photochromic reaction could be carried out by using these chiral thiophenophan-1-enes.

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