Corrigendum: Flexibility and Sorption Selectivity in Rigid Metal–Organic Frameworks: The Impact of Ether-Functionalised Linkers


  • Sebastian Henke,

  • Dr. Rochus Schmid,

  • Prof. Dr. Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt,

  • Prof. Dr. Roland A. Fischer


This article corrects:

    The authors of this Full Paper have noted that in the structures of H2L1, H2L2, H2L3 and H2L4 one of the carboxylic acid group of every terephthalic acid derivative is falsely drawn as an aldehyde group. The corrected structures are provided here. Additionally, there is a mistake in Table 1. The unit of the cell volume V is Å3 instead of Å−3. The authors apologize for the oversights.

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