• aromaticity;
  • deprotonation;
  • expanded porphyrins;
  • porphyrinoids;
  • ultrafast spectroscopy


meso-Hexakis(pentafluorophenyl)-substituted neutral hexaphyrin with a 26π-electronic circuit can be regarded as a real homolog of porphyrin with an 18π-electronic circuit with respect to a quite flat molecular structure and strong aromaticity. We have investigated additional aromaticity enhancement of meso-hexakis(pentafluorophenyl)[26]hexaphyrin( by deprotonation of the inner N[BOND]H groups in the macrocyclic molecular cavity to try to induce further structural planarization. Deprotonated mono- and dianions of [26]hexaphyrin display sharp B-like bands, remarkably strong fluorescence, and long-lived singlet and triplet excited-states, which indicate enhanced aromaticity. Structural, spectroscopic, and computational studies have revealed that deprotonation induces structural deformations, which lead to a change in the main conjugated π-electronic circuit and cause enhanced aromaticity.