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Electrical Behaviour of Heterobimetallic [MM′(EtCS2)4] (MM′=NiPd, NiPt, PdPt) and MM′X-Chain Polymers [PtM(EtCS2)4I] (M=Ni, Pd)



Herein, we report the isolation of new heterobimetallic complexes [Ni0.6Pd1.4(EtCS2)4] (1), [NiPt(EtCS2)4] (2) and [Pd0.4Pt1.6(EtCS2)4] (3), which were constructed by using transmetallation procedures. Subsequent oxidation with iodine furnished the MM′X monodimensional chains [Ni0.6Pt1.4(EtCS2)4I] (4) and [Ni0.1Pd0.3Pt1.6(EtCS2)4I] (5). The physical properties of these systems were investigated and the chain structures 4 and 5 were found to be reminiscent of the parent [Pt2(EtCS2)4I] species. However, they were more sensitively dependent on the localised nature of the charge on the Ni ion, which caused spontaneous breaking of the conduction bands.

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