• alloys;
  • fuel cells;
  • palladium;
  • platinum;
  • mesoporous materials


We have demonstrated a rapid and general strategy to synthesize novel three-dimensional PdPt bimetallic alloy nanosponges in the absence of a capping agent. Significantly, the as-prepared PdPt bimetallic alloy nanosponges exhibited greatly enhanced activity and stability towards ethanol/methanol electrooxidation in an alkaline medium, which demonstrates the potential of applying these PdPt bimetallic alloy nanosponges as effective electrocatalysts for direct alcohol fuel cells. In addition, this simple method has also been applied for the synthesis of AuPt, AuPd bimetallic, and AuPtPd trimetallic alloy nanosponges. The as-synthesized three-dimensional bimetallic/trimetallic alloy nanosponges, because of their convenient preparation, well-defined sponge-like network, large-scale production, and high electrocatalytic performance for ethanol/methanol electrooxidation, may find promising potential applications in various fields, such as formic acid oxidation or oxygen reduction reactions, electrochemical sensors, and hydrogen-gas sensors.