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Synthesis of Thermally Stable Energetic 1,2,3-Triazole Derivatives



Various thermally stable energetic polynitro-aryl-1,2,3-triazoles have been synthesized through Cu-catalyzed [3+2] cycloaddition reactions between their corresponding azides and alkynes, followed by nitration. These compounds were characterized by analytical and spectroscopic methods and the solid-state structures of most of these compounds have been determined by using X-ray diffraction techniques. Most of the polynitro-bearing triazole derivatives decomposed within the range 142–319 °C and their heats of formation and crystal densities were determined from computational studies. By using the Kamlet–Jacobs empirical relation, their detonation velocities and pressures were calculated from their heats of formation and crystal densities. Most of these newly synthesized compounds exhibited high positive heats of formation, good thermal stabilities, reasonable densities, and acceptable detonation properties that were comparable to those of TNT.

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