• noble gases;
  • Group 11 elements;
  • IR spectroscopy;
  • fluorine;
  • quantum-chemical calculations


The reactions of laser-ablated Au, Ag, and Cu atoms with F2 in excess argon and neon gave new absorptions in the M[BOND]F stretching region of their IR spectra, which were assigned to metal-fluoride species. For gold, a Ng[BOND]AuF bond was identified in mixed neon/argon samples. However, this bonding was much weaker with AgF and CuF. Molecules MF2 and MF3 (M=Au, Ag, Cu) were identified from the isotopic distribution of the Cu and Ag atoms, comparison of the frequencies for three metal fluorides, and theoretical frequency calculations. The AuF5 molecule was characterized by its strongest stretching mode and theoretical frequency calculations. Additional evidence was observed for the formation of the Au2F6 molecule.