• encapsulation;
  • energy storage;
  • graphene;
  • nanoparticles;
  • polymerization
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A new and general fabrication strategy towards encapsulation of nanoparticles, such as Ni, Co and Co3O4, in sandwiched graphene sheets is reported in the Full Paper by Y. Wang et al. on page 3340 ff. The nanoparticles-encapsulated sandwiched graphene sheets possess unique structures, in which nanoparticles are strictly confined inside and the graphene sheets are layered on both outer sides like a three-layered sandwich, and substantially enhanced properties derived from the synergic effect among the individual functional components. The picture also shows the Chongqing University founded in 1929. The Chinese words in silver white mean top left to bottom right: “Unity, Diligence, Truth, Innovation” as the University motto.