• coordination polymers;
  • cycloaddition;
  • lead;
  • photochemistry;
  • solid-state reactions;
  • structure elucidation
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One-dimensional coordination polymers (CPs) containing ladder structures are ideal to conduct [2+2] cycloaddition reactions. While attempting to align the bis(4′-pyridyl)ethylene ligand pairs using PbII and three different benzoate anions, linear photostable CPs were obtained with a hydrogen-bonded water chain in the lattice as a kinetic product. On removal of the lattice water, the polymers rearrange to a ladder structure. One of the three ladder structures synthesized undergoes a single-crystal-to-single-crystal photochemical reaction to give the cyclobutane-containing coordination polymer as described in the Full Paper by J. J. Vittal on page 3962 ff. The backgournd photo is the 2nd Howrah bridge, Kolkata (India).