• international research;
  • global clinical trials;
  • research coordinator education



Due to the increasing number of clinical trials conducted globally, there is a need for quality continuing education for health professionals in clinical research manager (CRM) roles. This article describes the development, implementation, and evaluation of a distance-based continuing education program for CRMs working outside the United States.


A total of 692 applications were received from CRMs in 50 countries. Of these, 166 were admitted to the program in two cohorts. The program, taught online and in English, included 4 required and 1 optional course. Course materials were also provided as hard copies and on CDs. A pretest/posttest design was used to evaluate the outcome of the program in terms of changes in knowledge, participants' capacity-building activities at their research sites; and participant and supervisor perceptions of program impact.


Participants demonstrated significant improvements in knowledge about clinical research, rated course content and teaching strategies positively, and identified the opportunity for interactions with international peers as a major program strength. Challenges for participants were limited time to complete assignments and erratic Internet access. Participants offered capacity-building programs to 5061 individuals at their research sites. Supervisors indicated that they would recommend the program and perceived the program improved CRM effectiveness and site research capacity.


Results suggest that this type of continuing education program addresses a growing need for education of CRMs working in countries that have previously had limited involvement with global clinical trials.