Novel, Rotary Oscillated, Scalable Single-Use Bioreactor Technology for the Cultivation of Animal Cells



The BaySHAKE® single-use bioreactor is based on the motion principle of rotary oscillation of a polyhedral container. This fundamental working principle facilitates mixing and oxygen transfer to animal cell cultures in a simple, robust and cost-efficient single-use system without internal moving parts. In-depth hydrodynamic characterization shows that the bioreactor provides mixing and oxygen transfer in a low-shear environment over a range of scales up to several cubic meters. A biological comparison of novel single-use technology in scales from 50 to 1000 L with the re-usable standard deep-tank technology in scales from 10 to 200 L confirms the technical feasibility and shows good biological equivalence for the production of monoclonal antibodies by CHO cells.