• Bubble column hydrodynamics;
  • CFD simulation;
  • Dispersed multiphase flow;
  • Eulerian two fluid;
  • Homogeneous flow regime;
  • Model validation


The present paper shows the influence of considering polydispersity of bubbly flow, simulating bubble columns with a three-dimensional Eulerian two-fluid model. A complete set of interfacial closure models regarding drag force, lift force, wall force, turbulent dispersion force and bubble-induced turbulence is considered. A round bubble column of 0.288 m diameter and 2.5 m height is simulated up to a superficial gas velocity of 1 cm s–1 and compared with experimental data. It is shown that considering the polydispersity including the non-drag forces, important flow properties of bubble columns are reproduced. Possible influences of swarm effects on the non-drag forces are discussed and needs for further investigations are given.