• Customizability;
  • Information visualization;
  • Metabolic networks;
  • Multi-omics data;
  • Software;
  • Systems biology


Visualization has become indispensable in the analysis and interpretation of data from experiment and simulation. To adequately represent the diversity of studied phenomena, it is necessary to support researchers with tools that are easy to use and allow effective data visualization with special regard to individual requirements. This contribution presents the visualization tool Omix, an editor for metabolic network diagrams and a customizable visualization framework. As an outstanding feature, data visualization is script-based. The dedicated new scripting language OVL (Omix Visualization Language) enables the user to freely design the manner data is visualized in the network. An intuitive user interface, several newly developed, domain-specific drawing automatisms as well as visualization concepts make the software Omix a mature computational tool supporting the specific requirements of researchers from systems biology and life science domains as will be demonstrated on several application examples.