Ermittlung sicherheitstechnischer Kenngrößen explosionsfähiger Gasgemische


  • Vortrag von H. Hofmann auf dem Jahrestreffen der Verfahrens-Ingenieure, 28. bis 30. Sept. 1983 in Nürnberg.


Determination of safety characteristics for explosive gas mixtures. This paper presents equipment for determining safety characteristics such as explosion limits, flame temperatures, and laminar flame velocities. Contactless methods of measurement such as infrared thermography, interferometry, and Laser-Doppler anemometry are of particular importance. By means of selected gas mixtures it is shown that the composition of the gas mixture, the initial temperature and, as far as explosion limits are concerned, also the type of ignition source are important parameters. Finally, the influence of additives is reported which even in relatively small quantities strongly modify the whole combustion process and are therefore also relevant in safety problems.