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Processes underlying the development and evolution of salespersonsõ job satisfaction/dissatisfaction: a conceptual framework


  • Please note this paper was originally submitted in French and subsequently translated into English.


A conceptual framework of salesperson satisfaction/dissatisfaction is presented and is used to develop several research propositions. Drawing from organizational behaviour and sales management research, the model incorporates various theories of motivation and emphasizes the role of intervening variables thought to be especially important in the context of sales occupations. Finally, the model draws attention to the dynamic nature of the relationships between salespersons' efforts, performance, intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, and job satisfaction/dissatisfaction. Copyright © 2011 ASAC. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


Cet article propose un cadre conceptuel pour mieux cerner la satisfaction/l'insatisfaction des vendeurs (S/IV). Il s'appuie sur les recherches antérieures en comportement organisationnel et en gestion des ventes pour construire un modèle qui intègre plusieurs théories motivationnelles et met l'accent sur le rôle de certaines variables médiatrices jugées particulièrement importantes dans le contexte de la profession de vendeur. Le modèle construit met en exergue la nature dynamique des relations entre les efforts, la performance, les récompenses intrinsèques et extrinsèques et la satisfaction/l'insatisfaction par rapport à la profession. Copyright © 2011 ASAC. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.