I am pleased to introduce in this issue one of our new initiatives for the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering: a special article series on Biomedical Engineering, organized by Professor Elizabeth Jones from McGill University. More details on the series are given in Professor Jones's Editorial, but I would like to take the opportunity to explain how the special series will be organized, and to describe the other series that are currently being planned for 2010-2011.

A special article series will typically include six to ten manuscripts written by leading experts in a given field, and will be published over a period of one to two years, one article per issue. The series will be organized by guest editors who are renowned specialists in the thematic area covered in the series.

The series will include mainly two types of manuscripts: feature articles and reviews. Feature articles focus on a specific area of chemical engineering, highlighting the author's own work, without being as exhaustive as a Review. An outlook describing the new challenges in the area should be given at the end of the manuscript. Reviews, on the other hand, describe topics of more general interest and give a more complete literature survey over a certain period of time. More importantly, Feature articles and Reviews should be critically written rather than an assemblage of detailed information; a critical selection and treatment of the material is desired; unsolved problems and possible developments should also be discussed.

Besides the Biomedical Engineering series featured in this issue, the following series are planned to start in 2010:

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering, by Professor John Grace, University of British Columbia

  • Nanotechnology, by Professor Michael Tam and Professor Frank Gu, University of Waterloo

  • Dynamics and Control in Biosystems, by Professor Michel Perrier, École Polytechnique

  • Process Systems Engineering, by Prof. Bhushan Gopaluni, University of British Columbia, and Professor Carl Duchesne, Laval University

I would like to thank the guest editors of these five series for their excellent work organizing their series. I am sure our readers will benefit from their effort.

I would also welcome comments from our readers regarding this initiative, and suggestions for series in new thematic areas.