We are honoured to guest-edit a special series of featured and review articles on process control. This series is part of an effort by the editor-in-chief, Prof. Joao B.P. Soares, to publish articles by well known process control researchers in the premier Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. Over the next 1 year, a number of these articles will be published as part of this series.

Process control is one of the many chemical engineering areas where Canada has built world class research groups over a period of many decades. Canadian groups have made significant contributions to process control theory and applications. These groups continue to help many Canadian industries stay competitive in the global market through research and technology development. This series is partly an attempt to highlight these contributions of Canadian researchers.

Process control, as it is known traditionally, has expanded quite dramatically in the last decade to include a wide range of developments in theory and applications. We hope to publish articles by well known Canadian and international researchers to reflect some of these developments.

We have invited a number of Canadian and international researchers to write review and featured articles on process control. Featured articles will focus on novel developments in theory or applications. Review articles, on the other hand, will be more exhaustive and thoroughly describe historical and recent developments in a specific area of process control. We are expecting to publish articles in a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, system identification, linear and nonlinear control, fault detection and diagnosis, controller performance assessment, real time optimization, and multivariate statistics. All invited articles will go through a rigorous review process before publication. Prof. Michel Perrier (Ecole Polytechnique) is editing a parallel series on biological applications of process control.

We would like to thank Profs. Biao Huang and Joao. B.P. Soares for their encouragement, patience and support in putting together this series. We understand that writing featured or review articles involves a lot of hard work. We would like to thank all the authors who have graciously accepted our invitation and shown a willingness to put in the required effort. We would also like to thank Kyra Van Den Bos, the Editorial Assistant, for her help.


Bhushan Gopaluni (University of British Columbia)

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Carl Duchesne (Laval University)

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