Erratum to “Breakup of drops around the edges of Rushton turbine”


  • Pramod Patil,

  • Sanjeev Kumar


This article corrects:

  1. Breakup of drops around the edges of Rushton turbine Volume 88, Issue 6, 912–918, Article first published online: 4 November 2010

The authors have discovered the following errors in the published article. Please see below for how the Figures 5–7 should have appeared. We apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused.

Figure 5.

dmax/σ versus N for different interfacial tension values: SDS (0.3%)—3.1 mN/m (○); SDS (0.6%)—2.9 mN/m (□); Span60—6.8 mN/m (*); AOT—2.6 mN/m (+); no surfactant—27.1 mN/m (▿).

Figure 6.

Value of C, as defined by Equation (2), plotted against impeller speed for different dispersed phases: decane (*); sunflower oil (○); ground oil (+); paraffin (◊).

Figure 7.

Drop size distribution for same dmax values for different dispersed phases at different impeller speeds: decane, 5 rps (42 µm)—(*); decane, 6.7 rps (40 µm)—(○); sunflower oil, 5 rps (40 µm)—(◊); paraffin, 11.7 rps (38 µm)—(+).