• interfacial waves;
  • flow dynamics;
  • eddy;
  • LiBr;
  • surface tension;
  • viscosity


Numerical simulation has been made on wave behaviour and flow dynamics of falling films of aqueous lithium bromide solution along a vertical wall in the present study. Volume of fluid model is used to track the free surfaces and continuum surface force model is used for dynamic boundary conditions considering the effect of surface tension. A small amplitude forcing perturbation is introduced at the inlet of the flow boundary. Effect of surface tension and viscosity on wave behaviour and flow dynamics has been investigated. The simulation results indicate that wave peak height decreases with increasing surface tension and the number of capillary waves in front of a large wave increases. With the decrease of viscosity wave shape changes from the sinusoidal shape to the solitary one. Furthermore, the flow dynamics underneath the typical waves are analysed, especially the pattern of backflow. © 2011 Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering