Hydrodynamics and flow regimes in turbulent bed contactor with non-Newtonian liquids



The flow regimes normally encountered in a turbulent bed contactor (TBC) are static, partially fluidised, completely fluidised and flooding regimes. Experiments were conducted in a TBC operating in Type I mode to identify the flow regimes with non-Newtonian liquid. Flow regime transition velocities were obtained from the pressure drop and bed expansion measurements at various operating and geometric variables. The variables include apparent viscosity of the liquid, gas and liquid velocities, size and density of the particles, and static bed height. The effect of the above variables on delineation of flow regime transition was studied. Based on the experimental data, correlations were proposed for predicting the transition velocity from one regime to the other. The influence of the variables on regime transition velocities is more or less similar to that observed for Newtonian liquids. © 2011 Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering