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Two approaches in preparation for cogeneration α-tocopherol and biodiesel from cottonseed



A two-step process and a direct alkaline transesterification process in preparation for cogeneration α-tocopherol and biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, FAME) from cottonseeds were studied in this article. The effects of some factors on recovery of α-tocopherol and conversion of cottonseed oil (triacylglycerols, TAGs) to biodiesel in the two processes were systematically studied by single factor experiments and orthogonal design method. In the two-step process, α-tocopherol and biodiesel were produced from extraction with two-phase solvent followed by base-catalysed transesterification. Approximately 95.5% TAGs was converted into biodiesel, and 1.008 mg/g (wet basis) α-tocopherol was detected on the condition: 1:3 petroleum ether/methanol volume rate, 40°C extraction temperature; 7:1 methanol/cottonseed oil molar ratio, 1.1% KOH (w/v) concentration in methanol and 60°C esterification temperature. And in the direct alkaline transesterification reaction, 98.3% conversion of TAGs and 0.986 mg/g content of α-tocopherol could be achieved at 60°C in 2 h. Both of the two processes were feasible from the economic point of view for further utilisation of cottonseed. © 2011 Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering