• spinning disc reactor;
  • magnetite synthesis;
  • process improvement;
  • particle size distribution


An instantaneous co-precipitation reaction for the synthesis of magnetite particles has been investigated in conventional mechanically agitated reactor and novel spinning disc reactor (SDR) with an objective of process intensification. Characteristics of the particles have been analysed using Coulter Counter particle analyser. It has been observed that the particle size distribution is more uniform with overall lower power consumption in the SDR as compared to the conventional reactors. With a viewpoint of improving the synthesis process in terms of the obtained conversion levels in the SDR, effect of different operating parameters viz. rotational speed, diameter and type of the disc, flow rate of the reactants and the operating temperature on the synthesis process has also been investigated. It has been observed that the flow rate of the reactants as well as disc characteristics have a significant influence on the extent of conversion. Overall, it has been established that the SDR gives excellent particle size distribution characteristics as compared to the conventional approaches and hence results in process improvement/intensification for magnetite synthesis process at comparatively lower energy inputs.