• forced convection;
  • porous medium;
  • internal heat generation;
  • chemical reaction;
  • similar solution;
  • variable transport property


In this paper, we study the combined effects of internal heat generation and higher order chemical reaction on a steady two-dimensional non-Darcian forced convective flow of a viscous incompressible fluid with variable dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity in a fluid saturated porous medium passing over a linear stretching sheet. Using similarity transformations, the governing nonlinear-coupled partial differential equations are made dimensionless and solved numerically for similarity solutions using very robust computer algebra software Maple 8. The non-dimensional velocity, temperature and concentration distributions are presented graphically for various pertinent parameters such as relative temperature difference parameter, Darcy number, porosity parameter, reaction rate parameter and the order of the chemical reaction. The variations of Prandtl number and Schmidt number within the boundary layer are also displayed graphically when the fluid dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity are temperature dependent. From the present numerical computations it is found that Prandtl number as well as Schmidt number must be taken as variables within the flow domain when the fluid's dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity are variable. In the presence of internal heat generation, dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity of the fluid are found to be higher than when it is absent. Increasing Darcy number reduces dynamic viscosity as well as thermal conductivity whereas increasing pore size reduces the Schmidt number and increases the Prandtl number within the boundary layer. For higher order reaction the rate of increase in mass transfer function is less compared to the rate of increase for the lower order reaction. © 2011 Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering