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Design of a micro glass cell apparatus for pure gas-nonvolatile liquid phase behaviour study



A micro syringe is used as a constant volume cell for gas–liquid equilibrium (GLE) study. The cell is made of glass and has a volume of <100 µL. It can operate at pressures up to 13 MPa and temperatures up to 115°C. Two different experimental procedures are presented for systems with nonvolatile low and high viscosity liquids. A micro magnetic stir bar is used to mix the gas–liquid mixtures inside the cell. Since the internal volume of the cell is small, a short mixing time is sufficient for the gas–liquid mixtures to reach equilibrium. The solubility values are measured by using the pressure decay method. The experimental procedures are validated by measuring the carbon dioxide (CO2) solubility in water and highly viscous bitumen. The experimental results are in good agreement with the available literature data which shows that the technique works well. © 2011 Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering

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