Large Eddy simulation for lean premixed combustion



In comparison to previous numerical studies interested in the ORACLES benchmark (One Rig for Accurate Comparisons with Large Eddy Simulations), the present study demonstrates the advantages of LES-WALE model in both inert and reacting flows using the Fluent-CFD. So, the confirmation is based on the experimental research effort that was involved in the European Union-funded research program MOLECULES (Modelling of Low Emissions Combustors Using Large Eddy Simulations), for three parameters: longitudinal velocity, longitudinal velocity fluctuation, and length of recirculation zone. In line with what was observed by the experimental reference study, the dynamic model (LES-WALE) predicts, respectively, as well as the asymmetry and the symmetry, for both inert and reacting flows. In addition, the simulation succeeds to predict the zones of recirculation and shows the differences between the two cases, inert and reacting flows. Moreover, results have been compared with those of the kε model performed by Kurenkov and Obserlack [Kurenkov and Obserlack, Flow Turbulence Combustion 74, 387–407 (2005)] study. © 2012 Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering