Preparation of Agy zeolites using microwave irradiation and study on their adsorptive desulphurisation performance



Sorbents with Ag loading supported on NaY were synthesised by a liquid-phase ion exchange method taking advantage of microwaves irradiation. The adsorption desulphurisation activity of the AgY adsorbent exchanged with AgNO3 solution of 0.2 mol L−1, microwave irradiation time 20 min with power 240 W as well as calcined at 500°C exhibited the best performance. Equilibrium isotherm shows that the adsorption of thiophene over the as-prepared AgY can be represented by the Langmuir model. Kinetics of adsorptive desulphurisation followed the pesudo-second-order model and the equilibrium adsorption capacity q2 = 0.893 mmol g−1. © 2012 Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering