• vapour-lift liquid distributor;
  • liquid distribution;
  • pressure drop;
  • correlation


For upgrading the liquid distribution in a trickle-bed reactor, the distributor is always the primary consideration. The vapour-lift tube device, most widely used in industry, still has disadvantages like mal-distribution to overcome. Therefore in this paper, two major modifications, that is increasing of slot numbers and opening side pores, were proposed to improve its liquid distribution performance. Cold-flow model tests were carried out with liquid distribution, and pressure drop was measured by liquid collectors and Omega pressure sensor, respectively. The results showed that as compared with proto type, the modified liquid distributor has a better liquid distribution performance and a lower pressure drop. Liquid distribution increases with the increasing of gas/liquid velocity ratio ϵ only when it is <200. The pressure drop of new distributor increases with increasing of inner tube gas velocity and ϵ. Finally, correlations for liquid distribution and pressure drop of a new distributor were derived, showing rather good agreements with experimental results.