Kinetics of pure propane and n-butane desorption from soybean oil



This work reports experimental data on the desorption of pure propane and n-butane from refined soybean oil at low pressures. The desorption parameters investigated were the overall solvent (normally gaseous at ambient conditions) content and solution stirring rate. Solvent mass fraction ranged from 1 to 10 wt% and stirring was studied in the interval between 0 and 200 rpm (equivalent to a Reynolds number 2 × 107). Results showed a fast solvent release from the binary propane–soybean oil system, while a relatively slower liberation was noticed for soybean oil−n-butane, due possibly to the much smaller solubility exhibited by the former solvent. The experimental information reported in this work may be of great technological relevance, since no desorption data were found in the literature for the systems investigated in this work.