Removal of a mist in a fluidized bed



The removal of droplets from a dioctyl phthalate mist by a fluidized bed of silica gel was studied. The mist used had a narrow range of droplet diameters, which averaged 0.87 microns in size. Silica gel particles were in the range of −150 mesh to +200 mesh.

It was found that removal efficiencies were only slightly affected by a 50% change in inlet mist concentration, or by a 300% variation in depth of the fluidized bed. Collection efficiencies varied from about 90% at low superficial gas velocities to 70% at high velocities.

It is shown from these results that collection is primarily by particle diffusion. Results can be correlated in terms of equations for mass transfer in fluidized beds. The possible uses of a fluidized bed as a collecting device are discussed.