One concept for the in-situ production of oil from the tar sands involves the continuous injection of steam into a growing steam-saturated volume or steam chamber. Steam flow to the boundary of the chamber, condenses and gives up its heat to the surrounding oil sands. The condensate and heated oil flow by gravity to a production well located at the bottom of a chamber and are removed continuously. The well may consist of a horizontal slotted pipe. This paper describes the theory of operation of such a process and an equation is derived which predicts the rate of drainage.

Un concept pour la production “in situ” d'huile a partire des sables bitumineux implique I'injection continue de valeur d'eau dans un volume croissant sature de vapeur d'eau, ou chambre de vapeur dek'eau. La vapeur s'ecoule jusu'a la limite de la chambre, se condence et cede sa chaleur aux sables bitumineux qui I'entourent.k Le condensat et I'huile chauffee se rendent par gravite's a un puits de production situe au bas de la chambre d'ou on les prelevede maniere continue. Le puits peut consister en un tube horizontal, rainure. On decrit, dans le present travail, la theorie du fonctionnement du procede et I'on a etabli une equation permettant de predire la vitesse de drainage.