• Gypsy moth;
  • pheromones;
  • Sharpless asymmetric epoxidation;
  • asymmetric synthesis;
  • epoxides
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The cover picture shows supramolecular approach of cell permeability delivery and zinc sensing in living cells. Zinc is an essential element to life, which can affect some important biological processes such as gene transcription, neural signal transmission and others. So the zinc detection with supramolecular method in water and living cells has attracted increasing attention. The fluorescent cyclodextrin/carbon nanotube assemblies, which could be easily constructed through a general protocol, could be used as the highly selective fluorescent zinc probes in water and living cells, which will provide the new approach for the bottom-up approach to nanoscale fabrication and greatly increase their application in nanoscience and technology. More details are discussed in the article by Liu et al. on page 1948–1952.