Letter to the Editor


Response to Subspecialty Training in Preventive Cardiology: The Current Status and Discoverable Fellowship Programs

Pack QR et al. Clin Cardiol. 2012;35:286–290.

To the Editor:

In our recent article1 describing the current status of subspecialty training programs in preventive cardiology, we made an inadvertent error in Table 1: Eugenia Gianos, MD (not Joseph Ravenell, MD) is the program director, and Edward Fisher, MD, PhD, MPH is the contributing faculty member at New York University in New York, New York. This information was available at the time of data collection. We apologize for this error.

We recognize an important limitation of this article is the frequency with which programmatic changes will affect the accuracy of Table 1. For example, after this article was accepted for publication, we learned that Emory is now a 2-year program instead of a 1-year program. In addition, new programs may be created or established ones discontinued or changed. Consequently, we emphasize the importance of all programs creating and maintaining up-to-date Web sites and for applicants to verify all program features. Our article is not intended to supplant careful and detailed evaluation of every program; rather, it is a starting place for applicants to begin their search. Toward this objective, we believe we accomplished our goal, but sincerely apologize for any inadvertent mistakes that may have been made.