BIOREGIS Software Platform Based on GIS Technology to Support in-Situ Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites. Case Study: Razvad – Dambovita County, Romania



With a need for the management of petroleum contaminated sites on Romanian territory, an experimental software platform involving ESRI-ArcGIS technologies (BIOREGIS) is presented in this study. The BIOREGIS platform is aimed to: (i) Build the structure of relational, standardized databases to store spatial and textual characteristic information on polluted sites for further risk analysis and planning of remediation actions, (ii) improve the pollution risk assessment methodology for Romanian petroleum contaminated sites and its informatics implementation, and (iii) develop and operate the software platform for pollution risk based management involving GIS/remote sensing technologies and remediation activities. The operation of BIOREGIS has been tested for a pilot contaminated area situated at Razvad – Dambovita County, which has been subjected to in situ remediation procedures involving both bioremediation and electrokinetic processes.