• Bioaccessibility;
  • Heavy metal;
  • Rainfall intensity;
  • Toxicity


Mercury (Hg) concentration was investigated during 2010 based on road runoff from Nanjing Ring Highway, China. The emphasis was placed on impact of rainfall characteristics on Hg speciation concentration, and on variation characteristics of Hg speciation during road runoff for different rainfall patterns. Results indicated that average concentration of total mercury (THg) was in the range from 0.472 to 1.304 µg/L, and steady Hg (SHg) was the dominant form of Hg. Rainfall and average rainfall intensity were two important factors of determining Hg speciation concentrations during road runoff for different rainfall patterns. Rainfall pattern had significantly influence on variation of available Hg and dissolved Hg during road runoff, and on their proportions in THg. However, the proportion of SHg in THg was not obviously affected by rainfall pattern. On the other hand, toxic degree of Hg to soil environment is various for different rainfall patterns, based on Hg speciation variation.