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Metal Impregnated Silica-Carbon Materials from Rice Husk: A Versatile Sorbent for Toxic Organics and Inorganics in Water and Air



Carbon bearing materials derived from rice husk (RH) have long been recognized as sorbents for diverse chemicals – both organic and inorganic. This work presents an overview of studies demonstrating a single step process of carbonization of chemically pretreated RH to produce metal impregnated silica-carbon char designated as silicarbon materials that can be utilized in sorbing out water-borne organic and inorganic hazardous substances (such as phenol, hexavalent chromium, fluoride, and arsenic) and air-borne volatile organic chemicals (such as acetone, chloroform, benzene, and pyridine). The metal-impregnated silicarbon solids derived from RH appear to constitute renewable, low-cost, user-friendly, and efficient materials for control systems for indoor air contamination and for industrial as well as non-industrial hazardous aqueous pollution.